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Slap Wraps

A Slap Wrap (or snap bracelet) is a hi vis bracelet consisting of layered, flexible stainless steel bistable spring bands sealed within a fabric or plastic cover. They can also be used on upper arms and ankles and are suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, creating an effective and highly visible safety promotional item for awareness campaigns and brands. Rigid when straight, it snaps around the body in single step coiling action. Available in both adults and childrens sizes. 
All our Slap Wraps are compliant to EN13356 European standards. Not to be confused with cheaper imitations, Scanglo Slap Wraps are guaranteed to be the highest specification available.This is achieved by printing underneath a translucent reflective film which is sealed as part of the manufacturing process. Don't compromise on quality of product... the end result ensures your Slap Wrap will do the job it has been designed to do. They can literally save lives!

Slap Wraps - Available printed in 1 colour or full colour

Slap Wraps Reflector :: Slap Wraps

Available Colour Options
Click on each colour to view the reflector in that shade.

Clear Slap Wraps ReflectorYellow Slap Wraps Reflector

  • Measures 32mm by 345mm 
  • Available in Yellow or Silver 
  • Adult & Child sizes 
  • 3M Scotchlite Reflexite material 
  • Passes CE EN13356 certification standard 
  • 4 week delivery. Each item is manufactured as part of the print process.

      As used by professional bodies and community service providers like ambulance, police, fire & rescue and highway patrol personnel. Beware of imitations!
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